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To do in Monforte » Gastronomy of Monforte

The gastronomy of Monforte

There is one thing you can be sure of and that is the cuisine of Monforte will not disappoint you. Monforte, like Lugo province in general, has a wide range of top quality products. In particular the local meats, cheeses, breads and pastries but there is also so much more for you to discover.

Empanada de iscos
Throughout Galicia you can find the traditional Empanada; a baked pie made of flaky pastry stuffed with meat or fish or vegetables. Empanad de Iscos, a pie stuffed with Choriso (spicy sausage) and bacon, is a Monforte speciality. You can find it being served in many of the local bars and restaurants but why not buy one at the local bakery and have a picnic on the banks of the river Cabe.

Similar to a custard filled Danish pastry this is a popular item on sale at all the bakeries, especially when there is a festival. Perfect with coffee or as a simple dessert but be careful – they are rich and delicious and hard to resist.


A pulperia is a place selling pulpo (octopus). Boiled in large copper pots the octopus is served sliced on wooden plates and covered with olive oil and sweet or spicy paprika. Use a toothpick rather than a knife and fork and eat it with hunks of freshly baked bread: the most Galician of dishes. Pulperías are normally found at the monthly fairs but Monforte is lucky in that it has several excellent Pulpería restaurants where you can indulge at any time.


Breads and pies
The Ribeira Sacra area produces a wide range of top quality breads made in the traditional way with almost all of them being named after the village they were made in. As Monforte is the regional capital it is the best place for the widest choice. Ask the baker or the shop owner for recommendations. Empanadas, or pies, also come in a variety of fillings and flavours and particularly recommended are those baked in a wood fired oven.


Tapas and Pinchos
The serving of Tapas (snacks) or Pinchos ( a smaller version of a Tapas) with a glass of wine or beer is now known world wide. Here in Monforte, as in the rest of Lugo province, a visit to a bar would not be the same without them, especially as they are often free when you buy a drink.

The quality and variety of the tapas on offer in Monforte has been growing year by year and it has been helped by the annual Tapas festival. For two weeks the bars and cafes of Monforte vie with each other for the prize of best Tapas. Innovation and imagination run riot, the Tapas are never more than 1€ each and last year over 30,000 were consumed during the festival.

Ribeira Sacra Wine

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Monforte is the capital of the Ribeira Sacra wine area, one of Spain’s DO (denominación de Origen) wine areas. These distinctive and high quality wines reflect the terroir of the spectacular Ribeira Sacra landscape.

You can try these wines at any of the Monforte restaurants and bars but if you would like to know more about why these wines are so special then visit the Ribeira Sacra Wine Centre (c/comercio 6. Monforte) where you will also find a shop with the widest range of Ribeira Sacra wines in the world.

Oficina Municipal de Turismo

Ribeira Sacra Wine Centre
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