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To do in Monforte » Travel with children

Monforte with children



If travelling with children one of the most interesting parts of Monforte for them, is the Torre del Homenaje  which takes us back to ancient times of feudal lords and ladies and knights in shining armour .

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A Child’s guide to the tower 

Many, many years ago in times of war this tower was very important as it was the safest place in the castle. Here the lord of the castle and his family could hide when there was trouble. These sorts of towers were always built in the safest place with high walls that were very strong. On the very top were the bedrooms and a room where they could all meet. Downstairs were the areas they kept the food and a door for the lord’s army to come in and out.

From the top of the tower you can see a long way so you knew when someone was coming and if you didn’t like the look of them there are lots of small windows through which you can shoot arrows.

This tower was also the place where they had a special party where all the local peasants came to tell the lord how much they liked him and how they wouldn’t help anyone else become lord and to give him presents of money or animals or bread but not chocolate as it hadn’t been invented yet. This party was called a homage and so this is the Homage Tower.

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In this park you there is a wide variety of outdoor games for kids so it is a perfect place for them to spend a safe and fun afternoon. Opposite the park there is the ZONA DE TERRAZAS DE LA COMPAÑÍA where you can get drinks and snacks.

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Monforte has two companies which operate areas where children can enjoy such things as bouncy castles …

Dirección: C/ Cobas, 88 Tel: 982 400 427
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Address: C/ Dalmiro De La Válgoma, 17 Tel: Tel: 617 683 676
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The sword of Hannibal, a children's story.

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago most of Europe was controlled by the Romans who spoke Latin and built straight roads and made everyone pay taxes so they could live in big houses with swimming pools. A man called Hannibal who lived in Carthage which was in North Africa didn’t like this so he got an army and lots of elephants and attacked Rome. Many of the soldiers who were in his army came from this part of Spain called Galicia and they became famous because they had very special swords. These were small and very pointed and hurt a lot but most important they were very strong and didn’t break when they hit a Roman’s helmet. The reason they were so strong was that they had been washed in the River Cabe which has special magic powers. Hannibal was so impressed he decided to use one but he decided not to wash the elephants in the water as they were strong enough already.


Animal Life on the River Cabe

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Ducks, swans and other birds: Children are always excited to discover the number of ducks and swans that live on the river. Start your walk at the PARQUE DE LOS CONDE (The Count’s Park) see map where there are normally quite a few birds gathered, and then follow the riverside path in the direction of the Old Bridge. According to the locals this stretch of river is one of the most pleasant fishing areas in Galicia with lots of trout and other fish.


En Barca por el Cabe

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If you are in Monforte during the months of July, August and September you can rent a rowing boat. The waters in this part of the river are slow moving and perfectly safe.

Where: Parque de los Condes » see Map
Hours: 11:00 to 14:00 h and 18:00 h to 22:00 h
Price: 3 €  for 30 minutes


Swimming in the river cabe

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Address: Rua Caneiro, S/N Tel: 982 40 18 18
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CINEMA- Multicines Hollywood
Address: Otero Pedrayo 31 Tel: 982 405 314
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To buy advance tickets: 

Oficina Municipal de Turismo

Ribeira Sacra Wine Centre
Camiño de Inverno - Asociación de camiños a Santiago pola Ribeira Sacra
Mapa Turístico de Monforte (PDF)
Escudo do Concello de Monforte de Lemos

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