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One Day routes » Artisans, Vineyards and Landscapes

Artisans, Vineyards and Landscapes - The River Sil

This is a journey into the heart of the Ribeira Sacra and the magnificent scenery of the canyons of the river Sil. A trip that includes a boat journey, a pottery that is revitalising a centuries old tradition, Romanesque architecture, a top class restaurant, opportunities to taste the best of Ribeira Sacra wine and above all stunning views of some of Galicia’s most dramatic landscapes.

1. Monforte de Lemos

Monforte fue, en época medieval, un singular ejemplo de ciudad- fortaleza feudal, alrededor de un monasterio, con un castillo situado sobre un estratégico montículo (El Monte de San Vicente) y rodeado por un recinto amurallado salpicado de torres defensivas. A los pies del monte, el río Cabe, que daba vida al asentamiento. Del perímetro de la muralla, datada entre los siglos XIII al XV, todavía se conservan amplios tramos, dos torres y tres puertas de acceso a la villa. Del castillo sobresale la Torre del Homenaje, bien conservada y restaurada en su interior, desde su cima se divisa el valle de Lemos surcado por el curso fluvial del Cabe. La vista y el atractivo que tienen los castillos, hacen de esta, una parada obligada.

2. Gundivos pottery

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In a restored priest’s house, next to the church which dates from 1750, is the Gundivos Pottery centre run by the potter Elias Prieto.
This village has a long tradition of pottery and up to fifty years ago there were around fifteen potters working here. Emigration and the passing of time resulted in their disappearance but Elias is restoring the tradition. The clay is particular to the area and the firing is done on open fires and not in an oven. The resulting black pottery is very distinctive.
The centre includes an exhibition of the different sorts of pots, a museum with examples of pottery from more than 100 years, workshops and, with prior arrangement, live demonstrations of how the pottery is made.
The centre is open every day, all year round.

Tel: 626966280


Coordenadas GPS: 42°26'50.18"N - 7°32'30.24"O

3. Doade.

Wine has been produced in this part of the Ribeira Sacra since Roman times but it is only in recent years, with the introduction of new practices and the work of more visionary wine makers, that the wine has reached the highest standards and become highly prized. The vines are cultivated on stone terraces that climb almost vertically from the river to the sky. The steepness means that the grapes must still be picked and carried by hand – hard and laborious work. There are two wineries that offer tastings in the area

Coordenadas GPS: 42°24'54.10"N - 7°28'48.44"O

4. Algueira winery

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Situated close to Doade village Algueira winery has a wide range of top class, award winning wines based on Mencía, Alvarello, Merenzao, and Caíño grapes for their red wines, and Godello, Loureiro, Alvariño and Treixadura grapes for their white wines.
The owner Fernando has a basic tasting area in the wine making area, with a video explaining the history of the winery and the wine making process. Free tasting but the explanations will be in Gallego or Castellano. Open every day to fit in with the restaurant hours.
There are no views as such from Algueira but this is more than made up for by their fantastic restaurant. Castelo restaurant is open every day with varying hours during the different seasons. Lunch here is a highlight of any visit to this part of the Ribeira Sacra and a great chance to try the Algueira wines perfectly matched with local produce.

Reservations 982 152 238


Coordenadas GPS: 42°25'4.62"N - 7°28'28.24"O

5. Regina viarum winery

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Situated high on the hill overlooking the River Sil canyon, the views from the this winery are simply stunning. They produce a wide range of wines based on the Mencia and Godello grapes. There is a tasting room and cellar tours.

Opening Schedule
SUMMER: Everyday from 10 am - 2 pm / 4 pm - 8 pm

WINTER: Thursday to Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm / 4 pm - 7 pm.

Rest of days by appointment.

Phone: +34 986 442 073  or  +34 619 009 777 

Coordenadas GPS: 42°24'30.60"N - 7°28'35.08"O

6. River sil catamaran trips

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One of the best ways to appreciate the dramatic landscape of the area is by taking a trip by catamaran on the river Sil.

Depart from the jetty in front of the Doade Fluvial café on the road from Doade to Castro Cadelas
1hr 45mns in duration.
Boat holds 70 people
Cost: Adults 9€
Children between 4-12 and seniors over 65: 4€


Coordenadas GPS: 42°24'35.63"N - 7°26'36.20"O



7. Os cañóns do Sil

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Os cañóns do Sil son unha das razóns polas que moitos visitantes veñen ata a Ribeira Sacra. O río baixa encaixonado entre montañas das que colgan as vides e multitude de especies vexetais. Navegar polos cañóns do Sil en catamarán, será unha das experiencias máis impactantes desta excursión.  

Oficina Municipal de Turismo

Ribeira Sacra Wine Centre
Camiño de Inverno - Asociación de camiños a Santiago pola Ribeira Sacra
Mapa Turístico de Monforte (PDF)
Escudo do Concello de Monforte de Lemos

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