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One Day routes » Pazos, Vineyards and Romanesque

Pazos, Vineyards and Romanesque Architecture

This is a day trip by car that has all the ingredients for a true Ribeira Sacra experience.
It includes a historic manor house, a beautiful Romanesque church, wonderful views of the river Miño and the surrounding countryside, a boat trip on the river, wineries and great food.

1. Monforte de Lemos

Monforte fue, en época medieval, un singular ejemplo de ciudad- fortaleza feudal, alrededor de un monasterio, con un castillo situado sobre un estratégico montículo (El Monte de San Vicente) y rodeado por un recinto amurallado salpicado de torres defensivas. A los pies del monte, el río Cabe, que daba vida al asentamiento. Del perímetro de la muralla, datada entre los siglos XIII al XV, todavía se conservan amplios tramos, dos torres y tres puertas de acceso a la villa. Del castillo sobresale la Torre del Homenaje, bien conservada y restaurada en su interior, desde su cima se divisa el valle de Lemos surcado por el curso fluvial del Cabe. La vista y el atractivo que tienen los castillos, hacen de esta, una parada obligada.

2. Pazo de Tor (TOR MANOR HOUSE)

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To learn what life was like in the Pazos (Galician manor houses) a visit to the Tor Manor house is a must since it is one of the few in Galicia that has kept all its original furniture and artefacts. Although its origin dates back to the 9th century the building is from the 18th century and is in the baroque style. All the objects are laid out in the various sitting rooms, music rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and servants’ quarters just as they would have been in day’s gone bye. When the last member of the family who owned Tor died it was bequeathed to the local government with the proviso that the servants (and their families) who had worked at the house would still have work. The woman who runs the guided tour is a daughter of one of these servants

Entry is only by a free guided tour which is in Gallego but a visit is worthwhile as most things are self explanatory.

The hours of the tours are Tuesday to Sunday 11:00, 12.30, 16.30 and 18.00.

Coordenadas GPS: 42°34'5.92"N - 7°34'3.69"O

3. The Monastery of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño.

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This is one of the most outstanding works of rural Romanesque in Galicia. Built around the year 1200, it has granite masonry walls with external buttresses and a large stone rosette. Inside there is a single aisle and apse. The façade is richly decorated in parts and the views, down to the River Miño and out across the hills terraced with vine yards, are superb.

Coordenadas GPS: 42°37'4.31"N - 7°42'24.57"O


4. Belesar club fluvial café and restaurant

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Situated on the banks of the river Miño in the small village of Belesar this is a delightfully picturesque spot where it is very easy to while the time relaxing with a glass of wine or a coffee. The menu of the day is a steal at around 10€ for three courses and this includes a soft drink, a beer or a glass of wine. Marcus is the perfect host and with indoor and outdoor seating, the perfect all year round spot. The boat trips on the Miño leave from the jetty at the restaurant.

Catamaran trips from belesar village
The hillsides along the river Miño have an almost Mediterranean microclimate that allows the cultivation of grape vines, resulting in a stunning landscape of terraced vineyards that produce wines that are rapidly becoming renowned throughout the world. Interspersed amongst the vineyards are natural oak and chestnut forests, stone churches and small riverside villages. A trip by boat is a great way to see the area

Depart at 11.30 and 16.30 from the jetty in front of the Belesar Club Fluvial Restaurant
1hr 45mns in duration.
Boat holds 70 people
Cost: Adults 9€
Children between 4-12 and seniors over 65 4€
Children under 4 free
You can buy tickets at the boat 20 minutes before departure

The cultivation of wine is at the heart of Belesar life, culture and tradition. There are two wineries which are open to the public.

 Coordenadas GPS: 42°35'34.11"N - 7°43'31.12"O

5. Via Romana Winery

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A family winery that was founded in the 16th Century although it was reconstructed in 1998.It has 32 acres of vineyards and an annual production of 150,000 litres of wine, 2,200 of which are matured in oak barrels. The grape variety used is Mencía. The winery, which is high up on the hill on the opposite side of the river to Belesar village offers great views of the surrounding vineyards as they slope down to the river.

Opening Schedule
From June to September: Fridays and Saturdays.
Rest of the year: Monday to Friday

Coordenadas GPS: 42°35'39.90"N - 7°43'48.92"O

6. Abadia de Cova Winery

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A family winery located in one of the most magical parts of the Ribeira Sacra: O Cabo do Mundo (The End of the World). The view from the tasting room at the winery is one of the most famous in the Ribeira Sacra. It has 24.7 acres of working vineyards and an annual production of 300,000 litres of wine, 30,000 of which 30,000 are aged. The varieties used are Mencía, Albariño and Arauxa.
It is open all year round for visits and tastings but you must ring or write to make an appointment.
Phone: +34 982 452 031
E mail:

Coordenadas GPS: 42°33'58.08"N - 7°40'37.15"O


Oficina Municipal de Turismo

Ribeira Sacra Wine Centre
Camiño de Inverno - Asociación de camiños a Santiago pola Ribeira Sacra
Mapa Turístico de Monforte (PDF)
Escudo do Concello de Monforte de Lemos

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