Monforte de Lemos, beyond the city

17/08/2018 The city of Monforte de Lemos has patrimonial resources and cultural and leisure proposals to ensure that the visitors stays busy and entertained, but the tourist offer of the city shows another face of different beauty in the rest of the city municipality.

Pazo de Tor



"Beyond the city" video which can be accesed from the City Council Youtube channel takes us through these other magical places of our municipality: the Mirador del Duque over the River Sil canyon,the Doade pier where you can acces to the catamaran of the Sil Canyon, the Pazo de Tor where revive life in the galician pazos of eighteenth century, the Pazo Molinos de Antero of frenchfield architecture with an italianate pictorial decoration, the church ofr Baamorto or the Piñeira River walk beside the River Cabe.

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Paseo Piñeira




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