The Winter Way as it passes through Monforte


29/10/2019 The Winter Way is a pilgrimage route to Santiago, coinciding with the natural entrance to Galicia from the plateau. This Road has 7 stages and in the centrals, Monforte is the star. In addition, from Monforte the necessary kilometers are made to obtain the Compostela.

The City of Monforte is the end of the fourth stage that begins in Quiroga and to Monforte is 35 kilometers. When the pilgrim approaches Monforte, he is guided by the Tribute Tower and the Benedictine Monastery of San Vicente de O Pino.

In Monforte begins the fifth stage, of almost 31 kilometers and which has as its end, Chantada. In Monforte de Lemos, the pilgrim crosses the Medieval Bridge and passes through the Campo de San Antonio, after leaving behind the convent of the NN. Poor Clares with an important Museum of Sacred Art and the old Ramberde neighborhood. The pilgrim leaves the city on Abeledos Street, one of the oldest outside walls, which still retains some of the characteristic popular architecture with its wooden balcony houses. After passing the street of the Poet Manuel María, the pilgrim ends at Chantada Street and from there goes to A Vide.


We arrive at A Vide and then to Lagoa, Os Campos and Pacios. After passing the castro of Moreda, the pilgrim enters Pantón to continue on his way to Santiago de Compostela.

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