Traveler magazine points to Monforte de Lemos as one of the reasons why Ribeira Sacra should be a World Heritage Site

10/5/2019 The publication refers to the announcement made last month that Spain will present Ribeira Sacra as the candidate for the title by 2021. In the article they state that they have clear reasons why Ribeira Sacra deserves this recognition.

As reasons named: The Sil Canyon, The viewpoints of the canyon, The monasteries, Monforte de Lemos, Portomarín and its brandy, The heroic viticulture and A unique natural environment.

About Monforte they said:

"It is considered the capital of the Ribeira Sacra and its visit is more than forced for thousands of reasons.

We find a town that has a strong presence of the Celts in its history, having proof of a settlement in its surroundings that probably meant the origin of the city.


Monforte de Lemos offers the traveler a true artistic festival: the Museum of Sacred Art, the Railway Museum, the Wine Museum of the Ribeira Sacra and even a Museum of Doll Houses.

Another jewel of Monforte is the School Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, with a spectacular Herrerian façade that makes it worth the name of "El Escorial de Galicia". Inside, the art gallery keeps a work of "El Greco"

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