Buying in Monforte

01/20/2020 The city of Cabe is the nucleus with the largest population and most services in Ribeira Sacra. In addition to having the train station, the bus station, the Regional Hospital, health center, educational centers, sports facilities and numerous cultural and leisure spaces; The city has a varied commercial offer.

Configured as an open area, shops are distributed through the most central streets of the city, also reaching all neighborhoods. Monforte has an attractive trade, with the satisfaction of walking and enjoying an open area, especially in the historic center.

The sales season is a perfect time to get closer to local commerce and help boost the economy of the city, being able to find everything you want, either through new modern spaces or traditional stores with all the atmosphere that gives them the pass of the time.

A walk through Monforte to enjoy shopping can be completed with a stop at the bars and cafes of the city to taste the typical tapas watered with wines from the D.O. Ribeira Sacra.

Commerce and hostelry in Monforte can contribute to leisure time during these winter days, while the city prepares to celebrate Carnival, which begins on February 13th with the Thursday of Compadres and will last until February 26th with the Burial of the Sardine.