monforte celebrates its carnival

02/13/2020 The Carnival is a celebration of great tradition in the city of Monforte, the region of Lemos and throughout the Ribeira Sacra. The main activities are developed from this Thursday, February 13th, the Thursday of Compadres. According to tradition, women stole the clothes of men, to this day dress the compadres; A week later, for Thursday of Comadres, on Thursday, February 20th, the process would be reversed.

Nowadays families and groups of friends prepare their compadres and their comadres who during these two Thursdays dress the city of color, humor and carnival.

After Thursday of comadres and compadres, Monforte celebrates its parade of comparsas and floats on Carnival Tuesday, on February 25th. On this day the fun stars in the afternoon in the city of Cabe. The parade gathers every year a thousand people, gangs and educational centers that carry music and parties around the city. The parade leaves at 5:00 p.m. from the Plaza de la Estación to continue along Calvo Sotelo and Roberto Baamonde streets and finish at the esplanade of the Company with the awards ceremony.

The end of the carnival in Monforte will be held on Ash Wednesday with the Burial of the Sardine, the ceremony with which the end of the carnival is announced. The funeral procession begins its journey at 8:00 p.m. from the Plaza de España and ends by pulling the symbolic figure of the sardine into the Cabe, after the couplets that make satirical review of the social and political situation.