The Medieval Wall and the feudal past of Monforte

04/25/2019 The original wall was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. In the 15th century it was rebuilt and improved after being partially destroyed in the Revueltas Irmandiñas .
The construction is an excellent representation of the feudal power, it has a perimeter of more than 800 meters with several towers and doors. The Porta Nova (New Door) presents a semicircular arch with the shields of the Counts of Lemos; the Puerta de la Alcazaba (Alcazaba Door) is older than the previous one. It communicated the city inside the wall with the river Cabe and with the Medieval Bridge. At some time it was known as Fishmonger's Gate because in its environment there were meat and fish stalls, as well as a market with all kinds of products.

Inside the wall the Jewish community was established which was one of the most numerous in Galicia, converting the medieval borough of Monforte into a Jewish area. The Jewish community was dedicated to the silk trade, the cloths, the silverware, ...many were professionals of medicine or lawyers in Jewish streets like the Falagueira, A Calexa, Pescadería, Zapaterías, ...

Falagueira Street is one of the most important historically and one of the most picturesque. It joins the Puerta de la Alcazaba and the Puerta Nueva, making it the main axis of the medieval city. In this street highlights the House of the Gaibor, one of the most important Jewish families who lived in Monforte. While in Zapaterías street, highlights in its lower part, the building of the old prison, currently dedicated to offices. The area offers beautiful views of Monforte.