Eating in Galicia is always a guarantee of high quality produce and if the coast is associated with seafood, the interior is the region of delicious meats, fresh vegetables, river fish, cheeses, game, wild mushrooms, empanadas (similar to a pasty or pie) and octopus. 

The tradition of tapas is deeply rooted in Monforte. At midday and at the end of the working day, people go to the bars to drink a glass of wine accompanied with a little something to eat, the tapa. It is a time to meet friends and a moment to relax in the atmosphere of the city. In any restaurant or cantina you can enjoy a meal or just order some raciones (a serving of a particular dish). 

The best empanada in Galicia is the empanada from Monforte and as well as empanada, there is excellent bread, artisanal bread baked in a wood oven which almost needs no accompaniment. The empanadas come with allsorts of ingredients inside, from the traditional such as tuna and meat or of chicken, conger eel, salted cod,, zorza  (chorizo meat), scallops, eggs... This last variety and that of iscos (a type of traditional bacon) are the most typical of the region. You can buy them in a bakery and enjoy them as a picnic. Next to the river Cabe.....for example? Octopus is one of the famous dishes of Galicia, but it is prepared in the best way in the interior, at least that is what the people from here believe. Octopus “á feira” (market style) can be enjoyed on market day which falls on the 6th and 24th of each month or on any day in any of the city pulperías (restaurants specialising in octopus).  And the star of the deserts is the larpeira. A sweet bun with a taste that reminds us of our childhood. Larpeira in Galician means sweet tooth, so you can imagine how delicious it is!