Parties with free concerts every day

The concerts of the bosses of Monforte historically had fame for bringing performances of level and gratuitous. But this year will be the first time that there are free concerts every day. From the most current music to the music that was part of the history of Spanish pop-rock music, also counting on the music of local artists and the region and the best orchestras.

On Saturday 11th, in the Plaza de España, BLESET will perform, led by Sara Burgo from Monforte, electronic music and daring lyrics for a formation that sounds louder and louder.

On Sunday the 12th in the esplanade of the Company,  Café Quijano will perform with their usual songs and presenting their latest album "La vida no es la la la". Solara will be the orchestra of that day.

On Monday, August 13, the performances will also be on behalf of the Trébol orchestra and Seguridad Social in the Esplanade of the Company.

On Tuesday August 14 the musical weight will fall in the region with Lucía Perez and Gin Tonis, a singer and a group very dear to Monforte and always linked with the city of Cabe.

On the day of the Patron Saint, on August 15, Amaia Montero, ex-vocalist of The Ear of Van Gogh and the Nebraska group, will perform at the esplanade of the Company.

The end of the festivities will be set on Thursday the 16th with Efecto Pasillo, the Canarian group is from the usual 2012 in the popularity lists of the Spanish radioformulas. The orchestra in this day will be Los Trovadores.

Monforte City Council encourages all neighborhoods and visitors to participate in these musical performances that will be held in one of the best possible architectural scenarios, the esplanade of the Company with the building of the Escolapios as decoration of the concerts. All the information of the festivities patronais in this web and in the web

The celebrations of Monforte return to be referring in the region and we would love that all of you are part of them.