XVII Medieval Fair, exaltation of the splendor of the Middle Ages in Monforte

04/09/2019 The Easter weekend, Monforte celebrates the XVII edition of its Medieval Fair. The city dresses in the Middle Ages and during two days, monfortin@s and visitors stroll the streets and squares of the city participating in the different activities.

Monforte remembers thus one of the times of greater splendor of the city, of which it shows the Castle of San Vicente with its Tower of Homage commanding the Valley of Lemos. We are in the time of the County of Lemos that in its main branch, had the House of the Castro, patrons of writers and artists who stood out for their philanthropy and interest in social and intellectual advances.


Sample of that past is also the Convent of the Poor Clares and all the collection of sacred art that treasures, one of the most important in Spain; or the wall and the whole intramural city that tell us about the importance of the Jewish presence in Monforte.

The Medieval Fair of Monforte is an essential date to enjoy Easter in the Ribeira Sacra. The City of Monforte has spent years dedicating effort and attention to this event that wants to turn into a Festival of Tourist Interest and that year after year expands its recreational and leisure activities.


Craft and gastronomy stalls decorate the streets and squares, following the falconry shows, juggling with fire, archery, musical performances, tournaments, equestrian ... The whole city becomes a period setting, highlighting as mainstages the Plaza de España where the Medieval Camp is installed, the atrium of La Régoa church and the streets of the old town with their stalls and the decorated balconies or the environment of the Escolapios where the Medieval jousting takes place.

To complete the medieval atmosphere, the restaurants offer tapas and medieval menus. Everything invites you to take a trip to the past and makes Monforte a medieval city worth visiting and enjoying.

Here you can consult the whole program of the Medieval Fair