Route 1

Monforte de Lemos is the ideal starting point to visit and get to know the main attractions of the Ribeira Sacra, the Romanesque architecture, the vineyards, the artisans, the river landscapes, the centuries-old chestnut groves..

Day excursion. You need a car. 60 km. 1 hour 15 mins.

A perfect day might be to start early in Monforte and visit the Conjunto Monumental de San Vicente del Pino, the Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, the museo de las Clarisas and/or take a walk around the old city centre and/or along the river Cabe. Afterwards set off towards Pantón by the old N-120 road. In less than 10 minutes you will be at the Monasterio de San Salvador, also known as the Bernardas de Pantón. It is the only monastery in all of Galicia that has remained as a functioning monastery from its creation to the present day. It was built in various stages over five centuries. The Romanesque church is from the 12th Century, the cloisters from the 15th Century and the rest of the building from the 18th Century.

Monasterio Bernardas de Pantón







On leaving the Bernardas you follow the road to Pantón and after going through the village you go towards Mosteiro/Eiré by taking the road to Escairón. 5 minutes after leaving Pantón you will arrive in San Miguel de Eiré.

This temple belonged to a Benedictine monastery founded in the early 12th Century. Pre Romanesque remains have been found that indicate the existence of an earlier building. Some experts believe it had a defensive function. This temple is one of the most original Romanesque buildings in Galicia.

 San Miguel de Eiré




Our next destination is A Cova in O Saviñao. To get to A Cova you go down a windy road from which you can enjoy Romanesque buildings, beautiful landscapes and wine, all in a unique enclave. Here is the church of  San Martiño da Cova and the spectacular view of the river Miño at O Cabo do Mundo.

In front of the Cabo do Mundo is the river beach of A Cova. If you follow the road that runs along the Miño, you will arrive at Belesar, a traditional riverside town. Once past Belesar you follow the road until it ends. Here there are two options, either to visit the dam of Belesar or to end with one of the most important Romanesque religious buildings in the Ribeira Sacra, Santo Estevo de Ribas do Miño, from here there is a beautiful view over the river banks of Chantada and of the dam of Belesar.

Santo Estevo de Ribas do Miño

After this it is time to return to Monforte with the feeling that you now carry a little bit of the Ribeira Sacra in your heart.