Route 3



After getting up and strolling through the city in the morning to visit the Conjunto Monumental de San Vicente, the Escolapios and the Clarisas, you can then visit the Pazo de Tor or the  Pazo Molinos de Antero and from the latter you can start a route that takes you to A Pobra do Brollón, where you can visit the centenary old bodegas of Vilachá de Salvadur.

Route by car. 67 km. 1 and a half hours.

Close to the bodegas, you can see the viewing point of A Capela, where you can see the riverside of A Pobra, a subregion of Quiroga-Bibei.

Vilachá de Salvadur








From here you can continue on to the entrance to the Caurel, the village of Parada dos Montes, a mountain village that takes you back to how life was 50 years ago. The way the roads and dwellings are laid out make this a unique place to get to know about life in the mountains and what daily life is like far from the city. Here you are at the gateway to the Caurel.

Serra do Courel