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27/02/2023 Monforte de Lemos is a city that is increasingly visited, as it is the central point from which to move towards the rest of the Ribeira Sacra and to have first order monumental resources; as well as natural spaces and services for the enjoyment of neighbors and visitors. In the section of museum spaces, the city and the municipality have a wide range of resources of all kinds.

In the city stands the Clarisas Museum of Sacred Art, located in the convent that was founded in the seventeenth century by the VII Counts of Lemos, who donated his private collection composed of Spanish and Italian works. The collection of sacred art is considered one of the most important in Spain.


Museo das Clarisas

Monforte has a historical tradition very linked to the railroad. For that reason Monforte is the headquarters of the Galician Railway Museum. The history of Monforte will be forever linked to the train. Since the King Alfonso XII inaugurated the Madrid - A Coruña line in 1883, the train turned the city into an important railway junction. In this museum you can make a trip to the past by visiting the vintage locomotives and wagons.

The Wine Center of the Ribeira Sacra has a magnificent exhibition that brings visitors the secrets of wine and the Ribeira Sacra, tasting room, tapería and a splendid store where you can find the wines that are harvested in this D.O. Phone: 982 404 715

In one of the emblematic buildings of the city, the school Nuestra Señora de la Antigua or the Escolapios there is a pinacoteca with works by El Greco: the "Apparition of the Virgin with the Child to Saint Lawrence", and "Frei León meditating on death". Also five tables by Andrea del Sarto and works by Francisco Pacheco.

The Pazo de Tor is a must to see what life was like in the pazos, since it keeps all its furniture and objects. In fact, the Pazo de Tor furniture collection is almost unique in Europe. Phone: 982 165 534 /

Another historical scenario is the Pazo Molinos de Antero, which was the center for the collection of tobacco income and other taxes for the Court. The building is original and is distinguished from other Galician pazos by a characteristic French-style architecture and an Italianate pictorial decoration of its rooms. Paintings by the Monfortine artist Castinande are preserved.

The museum spaces are completed with the Dolls Houses Museum, miniature craft museum (654 014 397 / 671 951 274) and the Lodeiro Museum, dedicated to the sculptures in wood of the sculptor Darío Lodeiro.

The audiovisual "Monforte Museums" which can be accessed from the City Council Youtube channel brings us closer to these museum resources.

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